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Steel Plants are most intensive in nature and its components work at maximum utilization capacity in rapidly changing temperatures. Wear & tear, corrosion, abrasion has been a regular problem at every service workshop in the Steel Industry. With LoTherme solution you can repair and restore your capital intensive equipment indirectly saving replacement costs.


S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor Recommended Electrodes
1GearCast SteelAbrasion/Friction
2Pinion of Sinter M/cForged SteelAbrasion/Friction
3Hammer Mill RotorForged SteelAbrasion
4Cooler Fan BladeCast SteelAbrasion/Friction
5Blower Fan Blade & Hub (Impeller)Special AlloyAbrasion/Friction
6RailMn. SteelAbrasion/Impact
7Support RollsCast SteelFriction
8Friction WheelForged SteelAbrasion/Friction


S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor Recommended Electrodes
1Pinion For Pusher RackMn. SteelAbrasion/Impact
2Air Compressor BodyCast IronAccident
3Motor Base PlateCast IronAccident
4Pump BodyCast IronAccident
5ChuteStainless SteelAbrasion
6FlangeStainless SteelAbrasion
7ShaftStainless SteelAbrasion
8GearsCast IronFriction
9Dog ClutchCast IronFriction
10Gear BoxCast IronAccident
11Conveyor DrumsCast IronFriction
12Crusher Jaws HammerMn. SteelImpact/Abrasion
13PulleysCast IronFriction
14BucketsMn. SteelImpact/Abrasion
15Gear WheelCast SteelFriction
16Motor CastingsCast IronAccident
17Transmission GearsCast IronFriction
18Bush BarsCopperFriction
19Lifting BlocksCast IronAccident
20ChainsCast SteelFriction
21Leader TipsAlloy SteelFriction
22ChassisCast SteelCracks
23Hydraulic UnitsBrass/BronzeFriction
24Washery Main PumpCast IronAccident
25Coke Crushing HammerCast SteelImpact
26Coupling FlangerCast SteelFriction
27Rambeans of SupportCast SteelVibration
28Cooling MembersCopperJoining
29Sinter BreakerCast SteelAbrasion/Impact
30HammersCast SteelAbrasion/Impact
31PalletsCast SteelCrack
32PalletsCast IronCrack
33ShaftsStainless SteelJoining/Surfacing
34Crusher JawsMn. SteelAbrasion/Impact
35ValvesCast IronAbrasion/Surfacing
36Throat Armour PlatesCast SteelAbrasion/Erosion


S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor Recommended Electrodes
1Furnance DoorsCast SteelJoining
2Pump ShaftsEN SteelJoining/Surfacing
3PulleyCast IronBroken/Buildup
4Kiln ShellCast SteelJoining
5Ladle TrunionCast SteelAbrasion
6Crane RailsCast SteelAbrasion
7RollersCast IronBroken/Joining
8ValvesStainless SteelErosion
9Oxygen LancerCopperErosion


S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor Recommended Electrodes
1Crane Bearing pedestralCast SteelFriction
2Sand PumpCast IronAbrasion
3Impeller CasingCast IronAbrasion
4Mix Muller PloughMn. SteelAbrasion
5Impeller BackplateCast IronFriction
6Valve Spindle Of Max MBrassFriction
7Elevator ShaftSteelFriction
8Feed ScrewCast SteelAbrasion
9Vibrator TableCast IronCrack
10Moulding BoxCast IronCrack
11Feeder HeadSteelAbrasion
13Mould DrillH.S.SFriction
14Mould KnifeH.S.SFriction
15Fan BladeSteelAbrasion
16Heat Treatment GrillStainless SteelHeat
17Heating ElementsNichromeHeat
18Machine BaseCast Iron-
19Machine Housing Changing BlocksCast Iron-
20Sand Discharge ChuteMild SteelAbrasion
21Pump ShaftSteelFriction
22Mns Liner MouldMn. SteelImpact/Abrasion
23Scrap BladesMn. SteelAbrasion
24Mixer PaddlesMn. SteelAbrasion
25Tackle Ingot MouldCast IronCavitation/Heat


S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor Recommended Electrodes
1IdlersCast IronFriction
3RollersCast IronFriction
5HousingCast IronCrack/Joining
6HousingCast IronCrack/Joining
7Crane RailsMn. SteelFiction/Abrasion
8Crane WheelsForged SteelFiction/Abrasion
9ImpellersBronze Cast ironAbrasion
10Main Stand BoresCast SteelFriction
11Flying Shear HousingCast SteelFriction
12Hot Shear BladeHCHCrImpact/Friction
13Hot Working ToolsHCHCrFriction
14Wire CuttersHSSFriction


S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor Recommended Electrodes
1Supporting Rolls Of Rotary KilnLow Alloy SteelAbrasion/Friction
2Impact CrusherLow Alloy SteelFriction/Impact
3RottersMn. SteelAbrasion
4Crown GearsCast SteelFriction


S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor Recommended Electrodes
1Fan Cover Of MotorsCast IronFriction/Accident
2Motor FoundationCast IronAccident
3Armature ShaftSteelFriction
4Bearing SeatingCast SteelFriction
5HousingCast IronFriction
6Copper BushesCopperFriction


S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor Recommended Electrodes
1Machine Beds HousingCast IronJoining
2Crane WheelsCast SteelAbrasion
3HosingCast SteelAbrasion
4Wheel PunchCast SteelAbrasion
5Shear BladesAlloy SteelImpact/Heat
6Punch & Die for SleeperAlloy SteelImpact/Heat
7Hammer PalletsMn. SteelImpact
8Weighing PalletsCarbon SteelAbrasion
9SpindleCarbon SteelFriction

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