Hard Surfacing Wire

Metals are vulnerable to wear and tear owing to their exposure to various elements. Over time, the shape and functional efficiency of metals can, therefore, deteriorate. With the application of hard-facing wires, metals can be restrengthened. Hard surfacing is the process of adding additional or weld-resistant metals to a piece of equipment to counter the impact of surface deterioration.  At D&H Sécheron, we offer a wide range of hard-surfacing solutions, including buttering wires and cladding wires. The major types of hard-surfacing wires available in our catalogue include MAXFIL - 50H, MAXFIL - 30H, MAXFIL - 40H, and MAXFIL - 31B (MDH), to name a few. Whether you require a hard-facing wire for resurfacing agricultural equipment, shafts, shear blades, pulleys, conveyor buckets, or concrete mixer blades, we have the right product for you.  Some of the primary features of our hard-surfacing wires are radiographic quality weld metal deposit, easy slag detachability, generation of crack-free and martensitic weld metal, good welders' appeal, and high crack resistance in the weld metal. These wires are compatible with single-pass and multiple-pass welding alike.  Whether you want a hard-surfacing wire for CO2 gas shielding or Argon-CO2 gas shielding, you will find the required product in our catalogue. These wires are available in standard sizes of 1.20 mm and 1.60 mm but customised diameters may be available on request. Packaged and supplied in spools, these wires carry excellent welding capacity. 
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