Medium and High Tensile Steel

Medium and High Tensile Steel Electrodes are welding electrodes used to join or repair steel components in construction, fabrication, and other industries. Medium Tensile Steel Electrodes are designed to provide good tensile strength, toughness, and resistance to cracking. They are used for welding low-to-medium strength steels, such as carbon steels, low-alloy steels, and cast irons. High Tensile Steel Electrodes, on the other hand, provide high tensile strength, toughness, and crack resistance. They are used for welding high-strength steels, such as high-alloy steels and high-strength low-alloy steels, which are typically used in critical applications such as pipelines, shipbuilding, and oil rigs. These electrodes are available in various types, each designed for specific welding applications, and are classified according to the American Welding Society (AWS) standards. Choosing the right electrode depends on several factors, including the base metal being welded, the welding process, and the desired welding properties. At D&H Sécheron, we offer high-quality Medium and High Tensile Steel Electrodes. Our products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the construction, fabrication, and welding industries. 
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