Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel (SS) Flux Cored Wire is a type of welding wire that is utilized in Flux Cored Arc Welding. An SS Flux Cored Wire serves as an instrument for the purpose of welding stainless steel-based materials. Owing to its flux core, a stainless steel wire can be used to deoxidise a workpiece and, in turn, restrict the incidence of contaminations during the welding process. Shaped in the form of a spool, this is a corrosion-resistant wire that finds application in various industries. D&H Sécheron is one of the leading manufacturers of welding consumables in the country. As India's premier stainless steel wire manufacturers, we offer a diverse range of SS Flux Cored Wires, including MAXFIL - 309, MAXFIL - 308L, MAXFIL - 309 LMO, and MAXFIL - 347. You can use these wires for 100% CO₂ gas shielding. Designed for welding in all positions, these high-quality stainless steel wires generate radiographic quality weld metal. Some of the prominent features of these wires include excellent slag detachability, smooth and stable welding arc, and fast freezing of slag.  If you wish to join 304 stainless steel with mild steel, then our SS Flux Cored Wires are just the right product for you. Not only can these wires meld different types of steel together, but they are also excellent for welding similar types of steel with low carbon content. 
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