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For Stainless Steels Alloys



Low heat input, special purpose stainless steel electrode for welding stainless steels and steels to resist scaling up to 1200°C.


LoTherme-464 is characterized by a stable arc, which is easy to strike and re-strike. Easily removable slag, smooth finely rippled welds of RADIOGRAPHIC quality. The weld metal is fully austenitic in structure and possesses high strength, high ductility, good toughness and creep strength. Resistance to scaling is retained up to 1200°C.


LoTherme-464 is ideally suited for welding of stainless steel AISI 310 to itself and to other steels, straight chromium stainless steels, dissimilar steels, including steels of relatively high harden ability, clad steels, carbon-molybdenum and chromium-molybdenum piping. Some of the typical applications include welding of heat kiln anchors, exchanges, heat-treating pots and boxes, furnace parts, etc.

Typical Mechanical Properties Of All Weld Metal
 Ultimate Tensile Strength 550 - 640 MPa
Elongation (L=4d)  37% 


Welding Technique

Re-dry the electrode at 250°C for one hour before use. Keep the interpass temperature as low as possible by using current and low heat input. Use short arc and stringer beads.

Current Conditions : DC (+) /AC


Size (mm)

Dia x Length

5x350 4x350 3.15x350 2.5x350
Current Range (Amps) 140-170 90-130 70-100 50-70


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