Low Alloy Steel Wire

Low Alloy Steel Welding Wires are, as their name suggests, alloy steel wires specifically designed for welding low alloy steel. Primarily utilised in Flux Cored Arc Welding, this type of welding wire comprises a core or a tubular wire filled with flux that is pivotal to the process of deoxidising the workpiece and minimising the quantum of the spatter.  Stored in the form of a spool, a low alloy steel welding wire is inserted by way of a compatible gun. As one of the leading manufacturers of alloy steel wires in India, D&H Sécheron offers a wide range of low alloy steel welding wires, including MAXFIL - 36B (MDH), MAXFIL - 36R, and MAXFIL - 37B.  Ideal for welding high-strength and fine-grained steel, tempered steel, and moderate-strength steel, these alloy steel wires can be used in CO2 gas shielding and Argon-CO2 gas shielding. Amongst the key features of these wires are radiographic quality weld metal deposit, easy removal of slag, excellent bead quality, and good welders' appeal.  Our low alloy steel welding wires can be used for single-pass welding as well as multiple-pass welding. These wires are available in standard diameters of 1.20mm and 1.60mm but you can also request specific diameters. With the selection of our alloy steel wires, you can be assured of all-position welding at a high quality
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