For Die Rebuilding and Surfacing




High Cr forging die rebuilding alloy with High Deposition Rate. Shock Resistant Weld Metal even at elevated temperature.
A specially designed alloy for surfacing /cladding of a new die and re-building of worn-out hot forging dies for better service life. The consumable has very good welder appeal and easy slag detachability. The deposited weld metal is martensitic stainless steel and highly resistant to heat, corrosion, wear & galling. It is free from cracks, porosities and any other surface defects. Its broad tempering range permits for conventional machining with carbide tools.

Weld Metal Hardness:

As Welded    : 40-45 HRC
SR 560oC for one hour    : 38-43 HRC

Welding Technique:

Re-dry the electrodes at 250oC for 1 hour. When welding hardenable steels of large thickness, adequate care for preheating, slow cooling & post weld heat treatment are recommended for best results. Pre- heat heavy thickness jobs up to 400oC and maintain this while welding, with short arc, along with peening after every pass is necessary. After welding, cool in still air up to 200oC. Then charge these large dies into a furnace to hold at 560oC and temper for one hour per inch thickness of job and then slow cool to room temperature for machining.

Current Conditions : DC(+)

Size (mm)

Dia x Length

6.3 x 450 5 x 450 4 x 450 3.15 x 450

Current Range


250-280 200-250  150-180 110-140

For Die Rebuilding and Surfacing

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