Narendra Modi Stadium

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The Narendra Modi Stadium, formerly known as the Sardar Patel Stadium, is a remarkable architectural masterpiece located in Ahmedabad, India. As a significant contributor to this prestigious project, D&H Sécheron has supplied its top-quality welding consumables, namely AUTOTHERME-1 and NORMA V. These welding consumables have played a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity and strength of this iconic stadium.

AUTOTHERME-1: Unmatched Versatility and Strength
One of the key welding consumables provided by D&H Sécheron for the Narendra Modi Stadium is AUTOTHERME-1. This copper-coated mild steel GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) wire is specifically designed for welding mild steel, low carbon steel, and other structural steels with a tensile strength of up to 540 MPa. The exceptional characteristics of AUTOTHERME-1 make it an ideal choice for critical applications that require both versatility and strength.

With its advanced technology and superior metallurgical properties, AUTOTHERME-1 provides exceptional weld strength, ensuring the longevity and durability of the welded joints. The copper coating enhances the wire's electrical conductivity and improves arc stability, resulting in smooth and stable welding operations. By utilizing AUTOTHERME-1, D&H Sécheron has contributed to the structural stability and safety of the Narendra Modi Stadium.

NORMA V: Reliability and Performance for Structural Steels
Another welding consumable supplied by D&H Sécheron for the Narendra Modi Stadium project is NORMA V. This medium-coated general-purpose all-position electrode is designed for welding low-carbon and mild structural steels. NORMA V offers exceptional reliability and performance, making it a preferred choice for various welding applications in the construction of the stadium.

NORMA V provides welders with ease of striking, excellent arc stability, and a smooth bead appearance, ensuring high-quality welds throughout the construction process. Its versatility allows for welding in different positions, making it suitable for various components of the Narendra Modi Stadium. The consistent performance of NORMA V contributes to the overall structural integrity and strength of the project.

Quality Assurance and Support:
D&H Sécheron places great emphasis on quality assurance, ensuring that its welding consumables meet the highest industry standards. AUTOTHERME-1 and NORMA V undergo rigorous testing and adhere to international welding specifications, guaranteeing superior performance and reliability.

Moreover, D&H Sécheron provides comprehensive technical support to assist welders and project managers throughout welding. This support ensures that the welding consumables are used optimally, resulting in superior weld quality and efficient project completion.

The Narendra Modi Stadium stands as an architectural marvel and a testament to engineering excellence. D&H Sécheron's welding consumables, AUTOTHERME-1, and NORMA V, have played a vital role in the construction of this prestigious stadium. AUTOTHERME-1's versatility and strength, combined with NORMA V's reliability and performance, have contributed to the structural integrity, durability, and safety of the Narendra Modi Stadium. With its commitment to quality and technical support, D&H Sécheron continues to be a trusted partner in the success of mega infrastructure projects like the Narendra Modi Stadium.




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