Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL)

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The Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) is an ambitious mega project that aims to enhance connectivity and ease traffic congestion in Mumbai, India. D&H Sécheron, a trusted provider of welding consumables, has made significant contributions to this project by supplying its high-quality welding consumables, namely SUPRATHERME, NORMA, SAW wire, flux, and MIG wire. These welding consumables have played a vital role in ensuring the structural integrity and durability of the MTHL, a landmark infrastructure endeavor.

SUPRATHERME: Rugged and Radiographic-Quality Welds
D&H Sécheron's SUPRATHERME, a 7018 electrode, is a heavy-coated, low hydrogen, iron powder-type electrode that excels in producing rugged and ductile welds of radiographic quality. This exceptional welding consumable is ideally suited for critical applications where weld strength, durability, and quality are of utmost importance.

With its low hydrogen content, SUPRATHERME minimizes porosity in the welds, resulting in superior joint strength. This feature is crucial for the MTHL, where the welded connections must withstand constant vibrations and dynamic loads. By utilizing SUPRATHERME, welders can achieve exceptional weld quality, meeting the stringent standards required for such critical infrastructure projects.

NORMA: Versatility for Mild Steel Structures
NORMA, another welding consumable supplied by D&H Sécheron for the MTHL project, is a common mild steel electrode designed according to the AWS-E6013 standard. This versatile electrode is specifically suited for welding metal sheets and various mild steel structures, making it an essential component in the construction of the MTHL.

NORMA electrode offers excellent arc stability, ease of striking, and a smooth bead appearance, allowing welders to work efficiently and effectively. Its versatility enables welding in different positions, making it suitable for various components of the MTHL. The consistent performance of NORMA contributes to the project's overall structural integrity and strength.

Comprehensive Range of Welding Consumables:
In addition to SUPRATHERME and NORMA, D&H Sécheron has also supplied a comprehensive range of welding consumables for the MTHL project. This includes SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) wire, flux, and MIG (Metal Inert Gas) wire. These consumables cater to specific welding processes and requirements, ensuring the highest quality welds in different sections of the MTHL.

Quality Assurance and Expert Support:
D&H Sécheron places great emphasis on quality assurance. All welding consumables supplied for the MTHL project undergo rigorous testing and adhere to international welding standards. This commitment to quality ensures the exceptional performance and reliability of the consumables, contributing to the project's overall success.

Furthermore, D&H Sécheron provides expert technical support to assist welders and project managers throughout welding. This support ensures that the welding consumables are used optimally, resulting in superior weld quality and efficient project completion.

The Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) is set to revolutionize connectivity in Mumbai, and D&H Sécheron's welding consumables have played a vital role in its construction. SUPRATHERME's ability to produce rugged and radiographic-quality welds, combined with NORMA's versatility for mild steel structures, ensures the structural integrity and durability of the MTHL. The comprehensive range of welding consumables, including SAW wire, flux, and MIG wire, further enhances the welding capabilities for different sections of the project. With its commitment to quality

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